BC architects and studies

BC architects was commissioned to enter a competition to design a Pavilion for the German World War I Cemetery in Flandres.

The Preschool of Aknaibich is finished, made up of Adobe Blocks, Rammed Earth, and other local techniques.

BC architects with Adey Tadesse for ABBA architects have won an Holcim Acknowledgement award for sustainable construction for the region Africa Middle East, for AACCSA project in Addis Ababa.

BC architects with Stramien have been commissioned to design the visitors' centre at Huizingen recreational domain.

BC architects with Barbara Lippens architect is commissioned to conceive a masterplan for the Panquin site - old military barracks - in Tervuren, Belgium.

Mieke and Sander's house is being built up fast! Construction goes into its last months...

The first library of Muyinga, Burundi, is completed en functional, built up in local laterite earth, as a pilot project for the coming inclusive school for deaf children.

BC Architects is second laureate for this competition entry for vergotedok, proposing urban farming on the roof of this logistics centre.

BC Architects in cooperation with Adey Tadesse from ABBA architects, won the competition for the new Headquarters building of the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce in Ethiopia.

BC Architects in cooperation with Adey Tadesse have designed eco-tourism facilities with local labour and materials.